A video of MS Dhoni’s press conference after India’s defeat against Australia in the CB Series match at the SCG.


“I don't need to explain (any futher). We have not done enough with the bat. We have to get them (the rivals) out below 200 to win games (it seems),” said Dhoni.


“We have a much better line-up. Since we are not in good form, it's the pressure on batsmen who are scoring runs (to stay put). The Nos 7, 8 or 9 batsmen are coming in by the 30th over. We were five wickets are down after 20 overs. We haven't done well consistently enough.”


Dhoni said he didn't believe in being harsh to individuals within the team and wanted a set batsman to make the most of his stay in the middle.


“We have been explaining what needs to be done. I am not a believer in pin-pointing individuals. On wickets with pace and bounce, you need to give more time to yourself. The batsmen who are set have to sweat it out because all of us are not in good form. Gautam (Gambhir) did so in a couple of games and we did really well.”