MS Dhoni speaks to the media about the flop show by the Indian batsmen and the good performance by the Australian bowlers.


He states that the run was chasable.


“We had a decent start in the first innings. We needed to capitalize on it. When the day began, if we could have got them down to 240-250 runs, it was gettable. Even 292, we should have achieved as the wicket was good. There wasn't much wear and tear on the surface.”


Asked if he is worried about his batsmen, Dhoni said, “Not really. They are very experienced batsmen. You have to give credit to Australia bowlers for the way they bowled. They kept a nagging line outside the off-stump and that's why they got us.”


In the end Dhoni praised the Australian bowlers for their wonderful balling.


“It wasn't the batsmen alone who made mistakes. The deliveries were good too. They were too close to the off-stump; some came in, some held their line. Session after session they bowled in the same area. After sometime, you do commit an error.”