Ajit Chandila's wife on Thursday rubbished the allegations of spot-fixing in IPL 2013 put by the Delhi police against her husband.

Chandila was sent to police custody for five days after being named in a spot-fixing scandal.

According to PTI, here's the conversation before a match between Pune Warriors India and Rajasthan Royals on May 5 allegedly between player Ajit Chandila and a bookie Amit:

Chandila: Yes, tell me brother. Let me go. I will give the signal. Let the first over go. I will see.

Amit: Do the first over with confidence and with same confidence do the second over for us.

Chandila: Okay, okay. I will do.

Amit: What will be your signal?

Chandila: I will pull my both T-shirts up and down and will then look up before starting the over.

In this over, Chandila, however, forgot to give the signal but allegedly gave away 14 runs as promised.

"This led to a lot of arguments and demand for return of money (Rs 20 lakh) advanced to him. Another Rs 20 lakh was to be given after the match. Chandila had to return the money," Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar told reporters.