Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have always been a unique side, when it comes to their social media marketing. Leading from the front is Mr. Nags, or Nogs as commonly pronounced. Mr Nags is a passionate follower of RCB and a franchise insider. He regularly posts funny video on the YouTube for fans to know fun facts about their beloved superstars.

He travels along the team to bring RCB fans’ fresh and newly brewed content. Not to be deterred with a long gap in connecting with fans since the completion of IPL 2017, Mr Nags on the last day of  2018 player auction, released a video welcoming all the newly contracted players of RCB.

In this video, Mr Nags can also be seen having a video chat with AB de Villiers. Mr Nags has been a hit amongst players as well, who always in some way or the other way manage to trouble the funniest character in the RCB camp.