The cricket field is a place of intense battle, sledging, rivalry, competition and lot more. But sometimes, certain occurrences incite riots of laughter. Very often they come out of nowhere without any build-up to the incident whatsoever, which adds to the comedy.

The video above is a compilation of such funny instances. The list begins with Inzamam-ul-Haq’s hilarious hit wicket to Monty Panesar where he overbalances after attempting a pull shot and falls back over his wicket, dislodging the bails. The second is one of the most complex run-outs of all time.

The list also includes, a section of an MCG-crowd imitating Ronnie Irani during an Australia-England clash. You will also witness Mathew Hussey attempt a catch he never ended up dropping. You’re sure to let loose and laugh after watching the well-compiled list.