A video of Michael Clarke speaking to the media about the just concluded warm-up matches, leading to the Ashes.

Clarke said, "Both of the two games have been outstanding for us. Everyone is just about ready as they can be. In regards to preparations, I think we are done."

About his century he said, "I think I have been slightly building up. It is always nice to make hundred in any form of the game."

Talking about the batting order he said, "I haven't picked the batting order yet but I will do at some stage. I'll probably announce it the morning of the game. Chris [Rodgers] and Shane [Watson] have certainly put their hand up as opening batters in the tour games but in regards to the batting order it hasn't been selected at this stage."

"I think he's served his punishment. His punishment was no cricket up to the first Test match," said Clarke.

"Now it's about working out what our best team is. I don't believe David [Warner] won't be selected because of punishment, I think that's been dealt with.

"The selectors will take into consideration that he hasn't played much cricket in the last couple of weeks but with Davey it's more about his mind being clear and playing with intent."