Q. Do you have any special plan against Pakistan’s spin attack, because Pakistan is containing four spinners in the side.

AB de VILLIERS: Yeah, two of the four are part-time spinners. We’ve played against a lot of opposition in the last, two, three years with two spinners in it. We just played a series against England now with a couple of spinners in at wrist spinner, also finger spinner.

So not much change. Every batter has got his game plans in place for the various bowlers, not only the spinners. That’s part and parcel of our analysis before games, to make sure we’re ready for them. So we’ve gone through all bowlers and we’re pretty happy with our plans.

Q. The last time you met Pakistan in a World Cup, they got the better of you, and a lot of people are wanting South Africa to win a big tournament, plus you’ve come in from a match practice against England. So how much pressure is there?

AB de VILLIERS: No pressure. The last time we played them in Champions Trophy, we got the better of them at the same ground. So we are confident going into this game, without being arrogant or overconfident. We played really good, won our first game in the tournament. We did all the basics really well, so we’ll be focusing on that.

We don’t feel any pressure. We feel it’s an opportunity, once again in this tournament to shift the pressure onto all the opposition we might face. But all our focus is on tomorrow’s game. We are very, very prepared and the plans are all in place to go and take Pakistan on.

Q. What’s your experience of the difference in coaching styles between Mickey Arthur and Russell Domingo?

AB de VILLIERS: They are completely different. Obviously different human beings. Both very nice guys, really good men and I get along with both of them.

Mickey, it’s such a long time ago. I can’t remember his coaching style really. We had a lot of success under him, and I have good memories of him as coach with us. But that’s long gone. It’s something in the past.

We’re with a great coach at the moment who is really leading the side well. We all get along with him and we all love him as our coach.

Q. Does that mean that you’d like to see him stay on beyond September?

AB de VILLIERS: Yes, definitely.

Q. And have you had a chance to look at the pitch and assess the conditions and how might that sort of work into any changes you might have in terms of the balance of your side?

AB de VILLIERS: We haven’t seen the pitch at all. We’re not even sure on which pitch we’re playing at the moment, whether it’s the one they have been using or a new one. But we’ll find all of that out with our training session today. So we don’t have any information about that yet.

Obviously the last team we used had a good game of cricket at The Oval but it’s a new ground. But once we see the wickets and once we have an opportunity to have a discussion around that, we’ll make a call.

Q. Last night you tweeted something about Wasim Akram’s skills. How do you compare Pakistan’s bowling attack? Do you think there is any bowler who can be as threatening or as skillful as him?

AB de VILLIERS: No, no one. I haven’t seen a bowler as good. It was just nice to watch the programme, and I felt that I needed to just get it out there. I get along with him well. He’s at Calcutta with the IPL every year, and we always have nice chats. And to actually get a bit of insight in the programme on how he used to bowl and what he was thinking while he was bowling is really nice.

Obviously shared all of that with a lot of players in the past, not only with Pakistan players but a lot of players at the IPL. But that’s something you’re born with. It’s a natural skill that he was born with.

Q. Rain is playing a spoil sport, what we have seen, Australia is on the edge. Will that be a concern in the final analysis?

AB de VILLIERS: No, not at all. It’s something that’s outside of our circle. Something we can’t control, if I want to say it that way. We can only control what’s in front of us and that’s to play good cricket to, make sure we’re prepared, and we’ve covered all those bases.

Q. We heard JP the other day and Wayne yesterday using the phrase, “staying in the moment.” Clearly this seems to be part of team tactics. What does it mean? Can you expand on that a little, staying in the moment?

AB de VILLIERS: I wouldn’t say it’s part of team tactics. It’s just an awareness of not thinking of the past or the future, as simple as that.

If we live in the past, there’s lots of scars that we can think of, lots of bad experiences. Some good ones, as well. If you try and touch in the future, it’s something we can’t control as of yet.

So it’s just wise to try and stay in the moment with what you’re confronted with at the very time. So that’s basically it. It’s pretty simple.

It’s just a little saying that I feel is quite powerful for us to focus on the very next ball and not — well, not the very next ball, but the one that you’re actually dealing with at that moment and not trying to think of how you’re going to finish your over or the few boundaries you just went for. Every bowler has the opportunity to influence the game, and that’s the idea behind it.

Q. Kagiso being the No. 1 ranked, a few IPL players are familiar with him but will he be your surprise weapon, so to speak, in this tournament?

AB de VILLIERS: We have a few surprise weapons, if you want to call it that. He is a fantastic bowler and deserves to be the No. 1 bowler in the world at the moment. But there are quite a few others that can do damage, as well. In fact, all 15 that are here fit into this puzzle of ours really nicely.

It’s a nice team to work with. There’s lots of options for me and the coach to work with and to tryout. But we have a fair idea of what we’re trying to do over here, but I think all 15 have the potential to win games of cricket; some a little bit more than others. But Kagiso deserves his spot at No. 1 and is definitely someone that will be there or there about in this tournament.