Q. How is the mood in the camp?

SARFRAZ AHMED: I think the mood is okay. A little disappointed after they lost the match, but now the mood is okay. Everything is gone.

So next match is coming, so guys are really focused to next match, hopefully we win the match.

Q. The fielding was particularly disappointing. Do you think that’s because people were rattled by the size of the occasion?

SARFRAZ AHMED: Yeah, I think India-Pakistan was a big match. A couple of youngsters was playing their first match against India. Maybe they feel a bit of pressure. That’s why we have a couple of missed chances, that definitely cost us, because the last innings, we took the catches. Last two catches, definitely things change.

Q. There doesn’t seem to be any swing, at all, for the bowlers. For an attack like yours, that’s very difficult, isn’t it? What sort of challenges does that give you as captain?

SARFRAZ AHMED: I think lots of challenge, lots of players are new for playing this condition. English condition, not swing as much. All the bowlers bowling — because of the pitches, good batting pitches.

Q. We’ve seen amateur batting today and Mohammad Amir was touching his shoulder. So can we expect any changes?

SARFRAZ AHMED: Yes, we made two changes. Amir was okay. Hit the ball on the shoulder but he was okay. We made a couple of changes in the side. Two changes on the team.

Q. What changes?

SARFRAZ AHMED: Fakhar is in for Ahmed Shezhad, and obviously Wahab is not playing. Junaid Khan is in.

Q. Is there any change for the squad —

SARFRAZ AHMED: Replacement, ICC, after the ICC confirmation, Rumman Raees will be coming, yeah. After the ICC.

Q. You haven’t played South Africa for quite a few years. What do you expect from them in this game?

SARFRAZ AHMED: I think, yeah, I think we’ve been playing against in World Cup 2015 and now we’re playing together. So you know, South Africa is a very good team. So we will work out all South Africa’s team combinations.