STEVEN SMITH: Like the rest of the world, the Australian cricket team is shocked and saddened by the events that occurred here in London last night, and our thoughts are with everyone that was directly involved and their loved ones, as well.

Everyone on the Australian cricket team is accounted for, and everyone is saddened and hurt by what happened last night. But the security at this time involving the ICC are happy that we continue to progress through this tournament.

Q. Seems to be business as usual for you this morning, but how difficult is it to be business as usual in these circumstances?

STEVEN SMITH: Yeah, as I said, we’re shocked and saddened by what happened last night. You never want to see that happening around the world. Particularly when we’re so close to the events that happened last night.

We’ve been briefed by our security team this morning, and they are comfortable with where security is at. And for us, it’s about just being diligent with everything that we do and continuing the tournament as usual.

Q. Where were you when it happened?

STEVEN SMITH: I was in my room. Just reading my Twitter feed actually and saw something pop up and then turned on the BBC and watched a bit of the news.

Yeah, obviously terrible what was happening. Guys were a little bit concerned at the time, and didn’t really know what to do. So Frank, our security guy, just made sure that we remained in the hotel and just stayed nice and safe.

Q. Obviously lots of conversation with your family and friends back at home that you’re safe and well.

STEVEN SMITH: Yeah, just I think everyone was on the phone letting their loved ones back home know that everyone was okay with everyone involved our team. Yeah, that was pretty much what was happening.

Q. I know you’re only here a couple more days but are you going to be restricted when you go back? Are you going to stay in the hotel or anything like that? Have you been advised to stay in the hotel?

STEVEN SMITH: We’ve been advised to stay relatively close to the hotel, and just be diligent with whatever we do. Make sure we’re just on the lookout and being smart with whatever we do.

Q. Obviously you yourself said you got a bit lucky to get away against New Zealand the other day; in light of that, any team changes considered for tomorrow, without any spinners in the game, any thoughts on that front?

STEVEN SMITH: Yeah, I think the used wicket, obviously the same one that South Africa and Sri Lanka played on yesterday. So used wicket here at the Oval can take some spin. We’ve certainly got that in our mind.

Then again, we’ll have a look tomorrow and see what the conditions look like. The forecast hasn’t been great for the lead-in. I think it’s improving a little bit today, but we’ll have a look and see what we think is the best team to beat Bangladesh tomorrow.

Q. You said after the previous game that it was your worst bowling performance in recent times. How does the bowling group take such criticism from a captain in an open forum like that?

STEVEN SMITH: I know they were pretty fiery in the nets today. Copped quite a few short ones. Maybe they are listening, which is good.

As I said, it wasn’t our best performance. Hopefully it was a little bit of rust and hopefully that’s gone now and we can carry on playing the way we have.

I think we’ve got a class bowling attack. The three big quicks that we have that played last game, and Hastings, obviously there’s some quality bowlers in there. Hopefully they can bring their A Game tomorrow.

Q. Bangladesh obviously represent quite a different challenge to what you faced from New Zealand. What are the bigger challenges that you foresee against them?

STEVEN SMITH: I think they have got a few dangerous batters. Obviously we saw Tamim play really good innings. Mushfiqur, the keeper, he’s a good, young player. They have got some good players in their group. Mashrafe is obviously a class bowler. So, yeah, look, they have got some dangerous players in their team, and yeah, we’re going to have to play well tomorrow if we want to beat them.

Q. Mashrafe said the other day, given the balance of Bangladesh’s team against England, they were probably a bowler short. Are you likely to try and really go after that extra bowling option?

STEVEN SMITH: I guess that’s something you can certainly look at. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty good wicket, and there’s usually quite a few runs scored at the Oval, as well.

Yeah, it’s just about assessing the situations and making sure that we play the one-day cricket that we’ve played for a long period of time in these tournaments, and that’s by someone in the top four going on to make a big score and letting our boys that are big hitters and strong have a crack at the back end and try and make the most of that.