Former England skipper Mike Brearley was invited to speak at the Bradman Oration 2013 in memory of the unarguably the greatest cricketer of all-time Sir Donald Bradman.
He said, “It is just possible that the names Bradman and Brearley are not indissolubly linked together in the minds of cricket lovers, except perhaps in the alphabetical order of England-Australia test players where we are separated solely by Len Braund, who played in 23 Tests for England in the first decade of the twentieth century. A heckler in Sydney did once link Bradman and me during the last Test of 1978-9: 'Breely', he shouted, 'you make Denness look like Bradman'."
“However, I have one Test batting statistic that makes me superior to Don Bradman. I daresay many of you don't know this fact, one that is hard to believe, but of his 80 Test innings no fewer than 10 ended in ducks. Once in eight times he went to the crease in Test cricket, Bradman was out for nought. A remarkable fact. Whereas in my Test career, of 66 innings only six were ducks — one in 11.”