Part oneof Simon Taufel's lecture delivered at the Marylebourne Cricket Club's (MCC) Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture.

Australia umpire Simon Taufel became the third from his country, after Richie Benaud who inaugurated the first lecture in 2001 and Adam Gilchrist in 2009, and the first umpire to deliver the lecture. He is also the 13th individual to do so.

Simon Taufel is also the member of the MCC Laws Subcommittee. His lecture was about helping in tackling key issues in cricket laws.

In this part of the video, Taufel pays tribute to former MCC spirit of cricket lecture Tony Grieg.

He also spoke of a quality that an umpire to possess — humility. He feels that cricket is a 'players' game and it should always be.'