This video gives the tale of Steve Waugh's great hundred against England in the Ashes 2001. Waugh had injured himself in the leg and it wasn't a small niggle. There were doubts that he would have to stay out for a long time, but he fought those odds and readied himself for the Test match.

Waugh wanted to play the final Test of the series as Australia had already won the Ashes. He still wanted to be a part of it and worked hard with the physio to get ready for the match. Even on the morning of the game, he wasn't fully fit and still decided to play.

Early into his innings, he was having provlems, but continued to fight. In the end, when he scored the hundred, diving forward and reaching the crease, the bat came up with a smile on his face. As Adam Gilchrist said it, that was what defined Steve Waugh.