Chris Gayle was accompanied by Dwayne Bravo in the event    Getty Images
Chris Gayle was accompanied by Dwayne Bravo in the event Getty Images

Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo have already said they love to come to India. The two Caribbeans are in India but this time it is not for any cricket match but promotion of a brand. Both Bravo and Gayle are known to be among the most entertaining cricketers in the world currently and they entertained the crowd as they made appearance as the show-stoppers during the launch of a new product for the condom-brand ‘Skore’. While the anchor of the show called Bravo in, Gayle surprised everyone by appearing from within the crowd. READ:Dwayne Bravo excited and nervous about his Bollywood singing debut

Bravo and Gayle seemed to have a fun time in the launch event. Gayle mocked of cradling a baby while sporting the product while Bravo danced with it, which made the audience laugh hard. The anchor then went on to ask a few questions to the champions. When asked about coming to India, Gayle said that the feeling of coming to India as well as getting associated with the brand both were amazing. He jokingly called it best decision of his life. He also made a quick sarcastic comment by calling themselves ‘two of the greatest gentlemen of the game’. Bravo also mentioned that India is like his second home and he was glad to come to the country.

Here is the video of Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo at the launch event:

Bravo also spoke about the Indian version of his ‘Champion’ song. He said the song is still in making and said that he is excited, while Gayle said he hopes the Indian version also takes the social media by storm and tastes success as much as the English one.