The quintessential Anglophile that he was, one would only expect Jawaharlal Nehru to play cricket. A Harrowvian, Nehru took to cricket in his school days, and was a keen enthusiast of the sport, but did not play any cricket after 1913. In this video he is seen playing a charity match between Upper and Lower Houses of The Parliament at New Delhi. Nehru captained Lower House. The cricketers were introduced to Dr Rajendra Prasad before the match. The Upper House batted first, and declared on 222 for 3. The Deputy Minister of Defence scored a “fast century including 26 runs in one over”. Nehru was out for 1, and the match was drawn.

Nehru was not an excellent cricketer, but he has one Test ground (at Chennai; it hosted 9 Tests), as well as six One-Day International (at New Delhi, Kochi, Guwahati, Indore, Pune, and Margao) grounds named after him. His daughter Indira Gandhi has two ODI stadium at Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada named after her, while Indira’s son Rajiv has a Test ground named after him at Uppal, Hyderabad.