May 4, 2014


It’s World Laughter day and as cricket lovers you have every reason to enjoy this day watching comedy of errors on the cricket field. Since is the IPL fever going on, here’s an all time epic video which shows one of the most consistent IPL teams Chennai Super Kings making a laughing stock of itself by missing three run-out opportunities in the same delivery!!!


Chasing 180 against Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers were struggling until Dwayne Smith played a blistering innings. In the ninth over of the match, Smith ferociously cuts towards deep covers where the fielder makes a valiant effort, and then throws the ball back to the bowler Shadab Jakati who misses it. Smith then attempts to pick a single on the overthrow but fins himself on the same end as his partner T Suman. Now comes the laughing stock. The fielder Subramaniam Badrinath collected the over throw, and threw it back to Jakati who failed to collect cleanly but dislogded the stumps with his face. Yet Smith was nowhere in the picture. Funnier then, Jakati picks the ball and throws at the stumps and misses again! And the laughter explodes when Badrinath covering the stumps couldn’t collect that throw from Jakati as the ball passed between his legs.


This is one video which will keep you laughing everytime you watch it. Harsha Bhogle on the commentary was right, “Record this when the replays comes and play it a hundred times, you won’t stop laughing.” Cricket can make the heroes look like fools. Only a ball later, Smith was out leg-before to Jakati who heaved a huge sigh of relief.