A video showing Rahul Dravid's spectacular performance against England in 2002 where he scored 148.


On Friday, at Bangalore, the batting legend announced his retirement from international and first-class domestic cricket. 


Looking sprightly and wearing his 39 years lightly, Dravid asserted that his decision to quit the sport that he had played with distinction for some 20 years, 16 of those for India, was not influenced by the slump in his form during the recent Test series in Australia.


Saying that in the past one year, he had given retirement a lot of thought, Dravid said no single event or incident had triggered the decision, which, on the contrary, was based on a combination of factors, including the difficulty of being away from a young and growing family.


“There was no Eureka moment that forced me into taking the decision to retire. A lot of these decisions come to you. I felt it was the right time to move on and for the next generation to come forward,” said Dravid in response to a query after reading out his prepared statement.