The arrest of players, owners and team principles was the biggest embarrassment in the history of Indian cricket. Now the operation clean up has begun by the BCCI but there is no doubt that image of Indian cricket has certainly been tarnished and this is what Ravindra Jadeja's childhood coach Mahendra Singh also believes. Coach Mahendra said that the Saurashtra all-rounder will never involve himself in fixing no matter what situation he is in.

Debu Mitra, Jadeja's another coach was delighted with the success of the alkl-rounder. He has been coaching in England for past three decades but for Mitra, it was an immensely enjoyable experience as he witnessed one his favourite wards Ravindra Jadeja's brilliant spell from the Oval stands.

"It was great to hear the crowd cheering his name whenever he took wickets. Such adulation is normally reserved for the big boys of Indian cricket like a [Sachin] Tendulkar. For me, Jadeja is a complete package," Mitra, who has also been Sourav Ganguly's childhood coach.

Mitra, who has been guiding the likes of Jadeja, Cheteshwar Pujara as Saurashtra coach had a word of caution for the all-rounder.

"Jadeja can't take his place for granted in the India team. He has to keep performing," the veteran cautioned.