Indian opener, Rohit Sharma was delighted after being recommended by the BCCI for the Indian government’s most prestigious Arjuna Award and said that he felt “honoured”. “Kushi to bahut hai [I feel very happy]. I am honoured that BCCI has recommended my name. It felt very good when I heard it yesterday,” said Rohit during a promotional event for adidas, reports PTI. BCCI had taken the decision to put forth Rohit’s name to the government for the Arjuna Award,at its working committee meeting in Kolkata. READ: BCCI to nominate Rohit Sharma for the Arjuna award

According to PTI, the right-handed batsman, who does not play unorthodox shots even in T20 cricket, said there was no reason for him to do so as he can clear the rope with conventional strokes. “Why should I try and play innovative shots when I can clear the ground in front. As a batsman you should know your strengths and back them,” he remarked.