A video of Aamir Khan press conference speaking on the nomitation of Sachin Tendulkar for Rajya Sabha.


Actor Aamir Khan, a good friend of Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar, who was recently nominated to the Rajya Sabha.


No sooner was this announced there were certain sections across the political, social and film circles, who didn’t really approve of this.


However Aamir, who is known to always speak his mind, has supported Sachin's decision to accept the nomination to the Upper House of Parliament.


“I know Sachin to be a person of high integrity. He is an honest, straight forward person, sensible and intelligent and these are qualities I would like to see in a person who is being nominated to the Rajya sabha,” he told reporters.


“I think it is a good selection and having received the invitation he himself feels he has something to contribute,” Aamir said added.