Indian Batting greats Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar came together for the first time since the little master’s retirement in November.


The duo were launching the FIFA World Cup trophy in India set in Ganguly’s home town and India’s football capital, Kolkata.


Ganguly congratulated Sachin Tendulkar on his magnificent carrier and reminisced about the times the two were on a cricket pitch together.


Ganguly also remarked that Sachin was looking fresh after retirement and went on say that that is something that retirement does to players.


Batting for football on this occasion, Sachin mentioned his thoughts on football


“I had the privilege of Sunil Chhetri next to me. The way he looks at football is completely different from what I understand. To go out and support other sport is really important. I was there to show my support to the young footballers, and some of whom I believe will participate in the World Cup in 2022,” he said. “I was so impressed by the energy. It was so vibrant.


They were so competitive. You have to respect your opposition in any sport and not take things for granted. It’s important to play in the right spirit. They were all fighting so hard to lift the Trophy. With a billion people in India, talent is definitely there,” Tendulkar pointed out.