Jeff Thomson was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame and delivered a short speech at the Allan Border Medal 2016 ceremony at Melbourne on January 27. Thomson talked about his playing days and wonders how the cricketers today play cricket 12 months a year. Thomson said that he did not want to play cricket throughout the year and sometimes played football go get away from cricket. Thomson also paid his tribute to former wicketkeeper Wally Grout, who was also inducted to the Hall of Fame along with Thomson. Grout played 51 Tests for Australia between 1957-1966. He passed away in 1968, at the age of 41. READ: Jeff Thomson, Wally Grout to be inducted into Australian Cricket Hall of Fame

Here’s the full transcription of Thomson’s speech:

“Cricket was something I could do for fun. We were lucky in our day we could play for fun,” Thomson started his speech with, according to

“I admire these guys who play now, they’ve got to work their arses off and play so much cricket – I mean all the stuff they’ve got to put up with, all the press all media and everything like that. We flew under the radar. I played football in the off-season, I did that so I could get away from cricket we didn’t have to do it 12 months of the year… we wonder why they all break down, why wouldn’t they break down?”

“For me it’s all about the kids and my wife down there, all the sh*t she’s had to put up with for 40 years, I mean she didn’t get all the trips you girls get down here now,” he quipped. Mate, we had to sneak them in on planes, they used to stay in some sh*thole down the road  … I’m serious now! The guys will tell you, all the blokes, no wonder half of them are divorced.

“The reason you’re here, what I’m happy about is all the parents and my parents – my old man is dead but my mum is still alive, she’s 97 … thank Christ, sh*t I hope I don’t last that long  … not the way I drink. READ: Jeff Thomson sympathises with modern bowlers for having to bowl on flat pitches

“I’m going to run out of money very shortly, especially tonight. “It’s all those people that help you as a kid, you know the ones that don’t come in this room tonight, the ones that do all the sh*t when you’re a kid taking you to the games. “They’re never the recognised ones … but they’re the ones that ring you up and say well done, so yeah, it’s for those people. “So thank you.”