New Zealand‘s Jesse Ryder has made his name known to the world with his destructive batting abilities (apart from his off-field controversies) but not much is known about his amazing reflexes and on-field level of awareness. Ryder, however, is an exceptional athlete despite his slightly bulky stature.

His abilities are well demonstrated in this run-out he effected during a T20 match between Northern Knights and Wellington Firebirds in New Zealand’s domestic T20 competition. Ryder was the bowler, and the batsman tried to hit it over the bowlers head for a boundary but he couldn’t time it and the ball came straight back towards Ryder.

He quickly collected the ball and in the blink of an eye flung the ball at the stumps at the non-strikers end from the back of his hand. The ball hit the stumps and replays revealed that the batsman, James Foster, was way out of his crease.