Hardik Pandya is famous for his ever changing hair style    AFP
Hardik Pandya is famous for his ever changing hair style AFP

After nothing up their first win of the Nidahas Trophy 2018, Team India members are seen relaxing in one way or the another. In a recent video shared by BCCI, Dinesh Karthik along with KL Rahul are seen playing The Best Friend Challenge game. The video shows great rapport between the two players and also gives us a sneak peak into the life of Hardik Pandya, courtesy Rahul. Pandya has been rested from India’s ongoing tour of Sri Lanka.

Rahul first starts of explaining the rules of the game to Karthik. He says, We have various cue cards and each of them has questions which we have not seen yet. So, he (DK) will answers questions about me and I have to answer questions about him and we will write in in a piece of paper and then we will see whether it matches or not.

When further asked about who is their best friend in the Indian team, both players answer Pandya.

Rahul says, No, we do not miss you at all Hardik Pandya. The next three months are going to be peaceful time. Karthik also adds, This is a far more relaxed time. We are definitely missing him. Everything is going good on the tour.

Rahul went one step further and called Pandya a diva . He said: It s so peaceful, because he is like a diva when we go out. He wants all the attention everybody look at me, everybody listen to me talking I am wearing this watch, this is what I bought today. And we re like Dude, we are not interested, we don t want to listen to you talkin. But later the opening batsman admitted they actually miss Pandya. He keeps it entertaining when we go out, we actually miss him.


Hope all the good camaraderie between team India players continue on the field as well, as they gear up to take on Sri Lanka on Monday.