Three Liverpool players, Adam Lallana, James Milner and Nathaniel Clyne, attempt to play cricket in an indoor setup in a video for Liverpool Football Club hosted by South Australia fast bowler Kane Richardson. All players wear their cricket gear to face Richardson’s bowling made gentle due to the players’ rustiness with the game. Lallana batted first, and attempted a number of shots in the balls he faced: a few cover drives and a late cut. Milner, who has played more professionally than the two of his counterparts, also bowled, and reckoned Lallana was impressive with the movement of his feet, but saying he doesn’t like a bouncer, he bowled an overpitched delivery that was dispatched. Clyne, the next to bat, was not particularly adept at holding a decent batting stance. He was barely able to connect bat with ball, and got bowled off one of the deliveries he faced later. READ: Mitchell Johnson leads Australia’s roar back in Ashes 2015

But Milner gave an example of his solidity at the crease with copybook forward defences. His defence was so good that Richardson blurted out ‘shot..’ at one of these, when it clearly wasn’t any stroke. He also hit a full ball straight past the bowler. At the end of the session, he was rated by Richardson as the man more suited to Twenty20 cricket. Lallana was, on the other hand, suited to the longer form of the game, Richardson said, and Nathaniel could choose any one of the two formats.

Tim Ludeman, the South Australia wicketkeeper, was also present in this session. This fun event seems to be sponsored for the Liverpool fans by the club on their YouTube channel. This is a break period for professional football players engaged in the English Premier League, and the attention of sports fans in the UK have turned to the Ashes, in which England and Australia, after Australia’s 405-run win at Lord’s, are currently tied at 1-1.