In this video, Steve Waugh is seen given out under peculiar circumstances. Waugh is down on his knee playing his trademark sweep shot off Harbhajan Singh, he is struck on the pad and the Indians appeal vociferously but to no avail.  That’s not the end of the story though, as Waugh, in a moment of madness catches the ball that was seemingly headed towards the stumps in his right glove to then be given out handled the ball.  Waugh could have stopped the ball with his bat or pad but for some inexplicable reason he chose to use his hand which led to his downfall.

Waugh was batting on 47 at the time in the deciding Test match between India and Australia at Chennai in 2001. After his dismissal Australia collapsed dramatically from 340 for four to be bowled out for 391. India eventually won the match by just two wickets which makes one wonder what may have transpired had Waugh kept the wits about him.