There are millions of cricket fans around the world who are passionate for the game but hardly a few thousands of them are lucky enough to catch the action live. Rest of them have to depend upon the live television coverage of the cricket match. Watching the live tv coverage, some feel, is actually better than watching a cricket game live from the stadium. Reasons are simple, for you get to see the replays from different camera angles, the minutest of details, players from close ranges, their emotions, expressions et al when you are watching on tv, unlike the ground where you may miss important action in the blink of an eye. ALSO READ: Watch magical MS Dhoni s stunning act to run out Ross Taylor

But ever thought how the best coverage is brought to us by the official broadcaster? How much days effort / preparation go into producing content for a 3-hour T20I, an ODI or a 5-day Test? How many cameras are used to bring us the live feed of a cricket match from a stadium? Well, while we may not have the details of the earlier questions, the answer to the latest one is 29. This and much more in the video below, which was shared by BCCI s official Facebook handle:

Different cameramen speak about their specific roles during the match in the video above. They share how they capture every facial expression of a bowler, batsmen, every dismissal, wicket and victory celebrations, follow the ball movement inside the ground, the field positions so on and so forth. Hope you enjoyed the video and got a fair idea how a cricket match s coverage is being brought to you live.