Indian Premier League betting scandal alleged accused Vindoo Dara Singh came out in defence of Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra. He refused to consider betting as a crime and urged the police to catch bookies, if they want to curb the menace of betting from the nation.

Earlier in day, Kundra admitted to indulging in betting and placed bets on his own team, Delhi Police claimed on Thursday as it confiscated his passport to ensure that he does not leave the country during investigations into the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing scandal.

Kundra, a British national, was questioned for 11 hours on Wednesday after cricketer Sidharth Trivedi told police that Kundra's business partner-friend Umesh Goenka used to ask for information regarding team formation and pitches.

Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said, "He has admitted to betting. He used to bet on his own team. We have also come to know that he has lost a lot of money in betting.