Virat Kohli‘s Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) may have been denied a complete game against Delhi Daredevils (DD) by rain, but Kohli made most of the interruption by going up to the corridor of the pavillion to talk to girlfriend Anushka Sharma, who was in the VIP box, adjacent to the corridor. ALSO READ: Virat Kohli breaches protocol by interacting with beau Anushka Sharma during IPL 2015 match

Kohli and Anushka enticed plenty of cheers in the stadium, when cameras caught them together and showed them on the big screen at the stadium. Even broadcasters cashed in on the opportunity and sent pictures of the celebrity couple across homes in India and elsewhere.

However, the act of love may not have gone down too well with the authorities as Kohli’s interactions were at a period when the game was still ‘alive’. Players are not allowed to interact with others during game for security and anti-corruption reasons. It remains to be seen what action, if any, will be taken.