Sehwag reacting when a copy of the book 'Greg Chapell on coaching' is shown to him. Photo Courtesy: What The Duck with Vikram Sathaye youtube account
Sehwag reacting when a copy of the book ‘Greg Chappell on coaching’ is shown to him. Photo Courtesy: What The Duck with Vikram Sathaye youtube account

The period of Greg Chappell‘s coaching has been one of the most controversial ones in the history of Indian cricket. After years, former India cricketer Virender Sehwag has come up to say that Chappell has been a failure while managing the cricketers in the team is concerned. Sehwag said that there is no doubt about the Australian great’s cricketing talent and knowledge, but when it comes to managing players as individuals, Chappell does not possess a very good talent. He went on to say that on managing ‘Virender Sehwag’, he would rate coach Greg Chappell a big zero. READ: Virender Sehwag: Pakistan will never be able to beat India in ICC Cricket World Cups

The flamboyant Indian cricketer has been one person who has surprised the fans and media with his direct and unique response. The cricketer has his own techniques, one of which is singing during batting. The player was caught singing various Bollywood numbers during his batting. The answer to the unique habit of the player came during an interview with Vikram Sathaye on the show ‘What the Duck‘, as the player revealed that he used to keep tension away this way. The player said, “I believe the new batsman in always feels a mental pressure. My singing was to make the batsman feel a bit more comfortable.”

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Sehwag also shared on a light note that he often used to call the twelfth man in for water and used to ask him the lyrics of songs.

He also mentioned about the incident when he was featured on the cover of ‘Times Magazine’. “I had straight away said a no for the shoot, because for me, the value of Times Magazine was nil. The magazine was not available in my area. Later on, my photographer friend Atul Kasbekar made me say yes for it.”

Virender Sehwag bid goodbye to international cricket towards the end of 2015 but the player has been associated with Master’s Champions League and will be seen in the Hindi commentary box during the ICC World T20 2016.