Aslam strikes a full-blooded stroke off Omar’s full-toss that smashes the panes of Mudassar’s house. The stroke may have fetched you a boundary at even Gadaffi Stadium but Aslam stands dejected as he proceeds to argue about the height of the ball, trying his best to put his case forward for a ‘no-ball’. Meanwhile, little Farhan is sent to Mudassar’s house to fetch the ball and encounter the wrath of Bilal chacha while Usman snatches the bat from Aslam, as the verdict is ‘out.’ Weird? Not really. Welcome to gully cricket or mohalla cricket in India and Pakistan, or para cricket if you are in the east (West Bengal or Bangladesh). The subcontinent has its own crazy game and strange rules.

Let us refine the name to ‘street cricket’. This is extremely popular in the subcontinent. Kids in India and Pakistan grow up playing the sport in the alleys or backyards. Filtering to Pakistan, they become the Afridis andMiandads andShoaibs andWasims at a much later stage when they acquire stardom courtesy their exploits at the highest level. Probably all the big names at some point of their childhood have played cricket with the tape ball. All-rounder Shoaib Malik is no different. What happens when this age-old format gets stirred with a dose of technology with a pinball flavour to it. The result is mind-blowing an experience never encountered before. ALSO READ: Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik appear in sweet Nestle ad

In pitch darkness, we have seen David Warner smack the glowing fluorescent ball out the greens in one of the LG commercials last year, prior to the first-ever day and night Test that was hosted in Adelaide with pink ball. From pink ball to pinball, now Pepsi Pakistan takes things to another level. Technology with the local flavour and that is what matters.

Pepsi, the official sponsors of the Pakistan side transformed a regular match to an exciting and innovative pinball game. The experience could be possible using advanced 3D projection technology.

Coming to this street cricket involving star all-rounder Shoaib, the game goes ‘down the wire’ (if Ravi Shastri commentated) with Shoaib on strike and his team needing eight to win from the final ball. Then he does this!

The keywords: ‘enthusiasm’, ‘gathering’ and ‘innovation’ is where Pepsi positions itself, and they seem to have done a commendable job. The whole idea of pinball cricket with this level of 3D projections is enticing. And with technology peaking new altitude every hour (if there is a progression to this), imagine the amusement!