Kris Srikkanth, chairman of the selection panel
Kris Srikkanth, chairman of the selection panel


By Christopher Poshin David


Abhimanyu Mithun has been announced as replacement for Praveen Kumar for the Australian tour, while Irfan Pathan has been picked for the final two One-Day Internationals against the Windies.


Isn’t there a mix-up? Wasn’t it supposed to be Mithun for the two ODIs and Irfan for the tour of Australia?


A reporter wanting to get to clarify the matter caught up Krishnamachari Srikkanth, chairman of the selection panel.


Following is the conversation:


Reporter (R): Sir, are you sure you haven’t mixed up the names of Mithun and Irfan Pathan?


Srikkanth (S): No machan. It is perfectly correct only. You only are wrong. We selected Mithun for the final two ODIs against the West Indians and Yusuf Pathan for the Australian tour.


R: But sir, that’s not what you announced!


S: What do you mean? That only I said to everyone.


R: No sir! You said that Mithun was selected for the Australian tour and that Irfan Pathan has been picked for the final two ODIs against the West Indies.


S: No, no… You are mistaken. I said correctly only. Now why would I announce Irfan Pathan in the team? I said Yusuf Pathan, man. You know….his brother.


R: I’m sorry sir, but that is not what you said. And why is Yusuf Pathan in the mix?  It’s Irfan Pathan.


S: What’s wrong, machan? You should pay more attention when I speak at the press conference. And I find your love for Irfan Pathan disturbing.


R: But sir, he is in terrific form. The whole nation thinks he should have been selected for the tour Down Under!


S: What, man, are you saying? I said, no…Yusuf is there. Yusuf Pathan, Irfan Pathan…they all are Pathan only.


R: ummm….. (*scratches his head*) Yes sir. They are both Pathan only.


S: So what is the problem, now?


R: But sir, that’s not what you announced. You said Mithun is going for Australia.


S: Poda! That and all I wouldn’t have said.


R: But you did sir! You did! I have the proof right, here!


S: Aiyyyooo! This is all a big mistake….I mean part of my plan….we want the best team for India and think Mithun will do good in Australia.


R: But what about Irfan Pathan?


S: What about him?


R: Should he be the one going to Australia?


S: No machan. Like I said, Mithun goes to Australia and Yusuf plays the ODIs.


R: Why this kolaveri? (*the reporter now is contemplating suicide*)


S: So you want my autograph, da? I’ll sign for you.


R: arrrrrgghhhhhh!  (*runs for his life*)


(Christopher Poshin David, aka ‘Poshin’, is a die-hard cricket fan from India. A student from Chennai, he is an aspiring journalist and the all-rounder India never wanted. He also writes for the Royal Challengers Bangalore website. His articles have been featured on the IPL website, ATYTY and Cricjoy)