Amla, Morne Morkel and Steyn could destroy Pakistan in ICC World T20 2012

(Left to Right) Hashim Amla, Morne Morkel and Dale Steyn © Getty Images

Shruti Chopra dwells into her tarot cards to see what lies ahead in the Pakistan vs South Africa ICC T20 World Cup game on Friday.





The Seven of Wands represents a Pakistan team that is on top and is not willing to give up that position very easily. They will have fresh ideas, but implementing them will not be easy. Like the Eight of Pentacles, the opposition will make them work very hard to get past them. Pakistan will need to remain determined especially as the Four of Swords shows their moments of weaknesses being capitalised upon. Their fielding, bowling and batting will all show some concerns, but nothing so major that they cannot fight off.


Mohammad Hafeez will not show the best side of his captaincy. The Six of Pentacles represents equal support from his team, which will camouflage is own weaknesses. He will do well with the bat. The Two of Wands and King of Pentacles shows confidence and a good partnership. He will enjoy this area of his day.


Key players


Kamran Akmal will have a weak start. The Empress shows him pulling through and displaying a respectable innings.


Nasir Jamshed will play a steady innings, fulfilling the team’s needs. The Four of Cups reaffirms him grabbing this opportunity to prove himself.


Saeed Ajmal will be expensive. Despite his smart bowling, the Queen of Pentacles represents him being targeted.


Shahid Afridi will lack aggression, though he will be effective in his contribution, which will be more through sound advice and direction.


Umar Gul will look to redeem himself and like the Queen of Swords, he will be better planned. Unfortunately he will lose his way towards the end. 


South Africa


If Pakistan are looking strong, South Africa are no less. Despite the only weakness of having too many ideas floating around, they will overall maintain strong discipline like the Queen of Swords. Their ability to be deceptive and play as a united team will allow them to make quick and effective changes. The Justice and Hermit reaffirm their strong balance and intelligent game plans. They will occasionally need to be careful of their bowling and fielding.


AB de Villiers’ captaincy will come under some pressure, but the Six of Swords explains his ability to steer his team through moments of such concern. He will appear relaxed and under control with the bat. The Star and Strength shows reward for application.


Key players


Hashim Amla, like the Queen and Ace of Cups, will have a smooth innings and provide stability to the team.


Jacques Kallis will provide stability all round but, like the Ten of Wands he will feel the burden of expectations.


Albie Morkel is going to start well and end well, but the Page Cups does warn him of complacency.


Morne Morkel will be like the Justice card – balanced and comfortable as he believes he can achieve success.


Dale Steyn will be calm and deceptive. The Seven of Cups shows his ability to confuse the opposition. It will be a good day for him.


Who will win?


South Africa.


(London-born Shruti Chopra was introduced to cricket by her two older brothers. She spent some of her childhood time in Delhi and became an Indian cricket fan. She has remained an unflinching and passionate Indian cricket fan even after moving back to London, setting 3.00 am alarms to watch India play Test matches. It was during the 2011 World Cup that she brought together her passion for cricket with her profession of Tarot Reading, looking at the cards in the hope of spotting an India win coming through – which it did! You can know more about Shruti via FacebookTwitter and her website) 


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