Amul’s take on Indian cricket team’s over-reliance on Virat Kohli

With a few hiccups, the Indian team finally managed to sneak into the final-four of the World T20 and keep its title ambitions alive. The bulk of the credit undoubtedly goes to the vice-captain Virat Kohli, who has almost single-handedly carried the burden of expectations of over a billion Indians and taken his team to just two steps away from the glory.

With none of the other batsmen firing, team’s dependence on Kohli has increased manifolds. It seems the 27-year old from Delhi is relishing the expectations from him and the pressure, as all this has only inspired him to do better and better with every outing. With the team’s over-dependency on him becoming a much talked about thing, Amul has come up with its own take on the matter.

Its latest customary topical pays a tribute to Kohli’s heroics. Titled “Super Virat’s single-handed success!”, it shows animated Kohli sitting with the Amul girl in the dug-out with his colleagues sitting behind them. The caption reads “Kohli Ke Peeche Kaun Hai?”, lifted from a famous Hindi song, meaning who’s behind Kohli?; a direct dig at his team-mates who have failed to support him so far.

It ends with the tag line “Always taken for granted,” again suggesting that the lone fighter has been taken for granted by his team-mates, who feel he’s there to score runs every time for the team. While this has been the case so far, for now we can only hope that the team fires collectively in the knockouts and wins the World Cup.