Bangladesh’s streak and most consecutive wins across formats at home
Bangladesh’s previous best was winning eight matches in 2006 (seven ODIs and a T20I) © AFP

Bangladesh’s 3-0 win in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against Pakistan and one-off victory in Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) continued their winning streak of 12 matches in all three formats in international cricket. Bharath Seervi lists the instances of teams winning most consecutive matches across all three formats in home country.

Bangladesh’s performance against the touring Pakistan team has been very dominating. Pakistan, with both Misbah-ul-Haq and Shahid Afridi retiring from One-Day Internationals after ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, looked rather pedestrian, losing all the three ODIs and the solitary T20I to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, with her 3-0 victory in ODIs and 1-0 victory in T20Is, has now won 12 consecutive home matches across all formats. The 12 matches include the three Tests against Zimbabwe in October-November 2014, five ODIs against Zimbabwe in November-December 2014 and now three ODIs and a T20I against Pakistan.

This is the best streak for Bangladesh at home. Their previous best was winning eight matches in 2006 (seven ODIs and a T20I).

The longest sequence of wins at home in international matches is 15 for both Australia and South Africa. Australia did it from November 2000 to February 2001 and South Africa from January 2008 to November 2008. There are quite a few occasions of teams winning more than 12 matches. There are listed below.

Winning 12 or more consecutive International matches at home

Team Win by Against Type Ground Date
Australia (15) inns & 126 runs West Indies Test The Gabba 23-Nov-00
inns & 27 runs West Indies Test WACA 01-Dec-00
5 wickets West Indies Test Adelaide Oval 15-Dec-00
352 runs West Indies Test MCG 26-Dec-00
6 wickets West Indies Test SCG 02-Jan-01
74 runs West Indies ODI MCG 11-Jan-01
9 wickets West Indies ODI The Gabba 14-Jan-01
28 runs West Indies ODI SCG 17-Jan-01
8 wickets Zimbabwe ODI MCG 21-Jan-01
10 wickets West Indies ODI Adelaide Oval 26-Jan-01
86 runs Zimbabwe ODI SCG 28-Jan-01
6 wickets Zimbabwe ODI Bellerive Oval 30-Jan-01
1 run Zimbabwe ODI WACA 04-Feb-01
134 runs West Indies ODI SCG 07-Feb-01
39 runs West Indies ODI MCG 09-Feb-01
South Africa (15) 7 wickets West Indies Test Newlands 02-Jan-08
inns & 100 runs West Indies Test Kingsmead 10-Jan-08
4 wickets West Indies T20I New Wanderers 18-Jan-08
6 wickets West Indies ODI Centurion 20-Jan-08
86 runs West Indies ODI Newlands 25-Jan-08
7 wickets West Indies ODI St George’s Park 27-Jan-08
5 wickets West Indies ODI Kingsmead 01-Feb-08
8 wickets West Indies ODI New Wanderers 03-Feb-08
159 runs Kenya ODI Bloemfontein 31-Oct-08
7 wickets Kenya ODI Kimberley 02-Nov-08
12 runs Bangladesh T20I New Wanderers 05-Nov-08
61 runs Bangladesh ODI Potchefstroom 07-Nov-08
128 runs Bangladesh ODI Benoni 09-Nov-08
inns & 129 runs Bangladesh Test Bloemfontein 19-Nov-08
inns & 48 runs Bangladesh Test Centurion 26-Nov-08
Sri Lanka (14) 59 runs Zimbabwe ODI Premadasa 12-Dec-01
8 wickets West Indies ODI Kandy 15-Dec-01
34 runs West Indies ODI Premadasa 19-Dec-01
inns & 166 runs Zimbabwe Test SSC 27-Dec-01
inns & 94 runs Zimbabwe Test Kandy 04-Jan-02
315 runs Zimbabwe Test Galle 12-Jan-02
inns & 196 runs Bangladesh Test P Sara Oval 21-Jul-02
288 runs Bangladesh Test SSC 28-Jul-02
5 wickets Bangladesh ODI SSC 04-Aug-02
8 wickets Bangladesh ODI SSC 05-Aug-02
58 runs Bangladesh ODI Premadasa 07-Aug-02
8 wickets Pakistan ODI Premadasa 12-Sep-02
206 runs Netherlands ODI Premadasa 16-Sep-02
7 wickets Australia ODI Premadasa 27-Sep-02
Pakistan (14) 153 runs New Zealand ODI Karachi 21-Apr-02
3 wickets New Zealand ODI Rawalpindi 24-Apr-02
66 runs New Zealand ODI Lahore 27-Apr-02
inns & 324 runs New Zealand Test Lahore 01-May-02
7 wickets Bangladesh Test Karachi 20-Aug-03
9 wickets Bangladesh Test Peshawar 27-Aug-03
1 wicket Bangladesh Test Multan 03-Sep-03
137 runs Bangladesh ODI Multan 09-Sep-03
74 runs Bangladesh ODI Faisalabad 12-Sep-03
42 runs Bangladesh ODI Lahore 15-Sep-03
5 wickets Bangladesh ODI Rawalpindi 18-Sep-03
58 runs Bangladesh ODI Karachi 21-Sep-03
8 runs South Africa ODI Lahore 03-Oct-03
42 runs South Africa ODI Lahore 05-Oct-03
Australia (14) 167 runs Sri Lanka ODI SCG 12-Feb-06
9 wickets Sri Lanka ODI The Gabba 14-Feb-06
277 runs England Test The Gabba 23-Nov-06
6 wickets England Test Adelaide Oval 01-Dec-06
206 runs England Test WACA 14-Dec-06
inns & 99 runs England Test MCG 26-Dec-06
10 wickets England Test SCG 02-Jan-07
77 runs England T20I SCG 09-Jan-07
8 wickets England ODI MCG 12-Jan-07
105 runs New Zealand ODI Bellerive Oval 14-Jan-07
4 wickets England ODI The Gabba 19-Jan-07
2 wickets New Zealand ODI SCG 21-Jan-07
9 wickets England ODI Adelaide Oval 26-Jan-07
8 runs New Zealand ODI WACA 28-Jan-07
Australia (13) 7 runs England ODI Bellerive Oval 11-Jan-03
4 wickets Sri Lanka ODI The Gabba 15-Jan-03
4 wickets England ODI Adelaide Oval 19-Jan-03
9 wickets Sri Lanka ODI MCG 21-Jan-03
10 wickets England ODI SCG 23-Jan-03
5 runs England ODI MCG 25-Jan-03
inns & 132 runs Bangladesh Test Darwin 18-Jul-03
inns & 98 runs Bangladesh Test Cairns 25-Jul-03
8 wickets Bangladesh ODI Cairns 02-Aug-03
9 wickets Bangladesh ODI Cairns 03-Aug-03
112 runs Bangladesh ODI Darwin 06-Aug-03
inns & 175 runs Zimbabwe Test WACA 09-Oct-03
9 wickets Zimbabwe Test SCG 17-Oct-03
West Indies (13) 24 runs New Zealand ODI Basseterre 14-Jul-12
20 runs New Zealand ODI Basseterre 16-Jul-12
9 wickets New Zealand Test North Sound 25-Jul-12
5 wickets New Zealand Test Sabina Park 02-Aug-12
156 runs Zimbabwe ODI St George’s 22-Feb-13
7 wickets Zimbabwe ODI St George’s 24-Feb-13
5 wickets Zimbabwe ODI St George’s 26-Feb-13
8 wickets Zimbabwe T20I North Sound 02-Mar-13
41 runs Zimbabwe T20I North Sound 03-Mar-13
9 wickets Zimbabwe Test Kensington Oval 12-Mar-13
inns & 65 runs Zimbabwe Test Roseau 20-Mar-13
6 wickets Sri Lanka ODI Sabina Park 28-Jun-13
1 wicket India ODI Sabina Park 30-Jun-13
Pakistan (12) 104 runs Zimbabwe ODI Karachi 21-Jan-08
5 wickets Zimbabwe ODI Hyderabad (Pakistan) 24-Jan-08
37 runs Zimbabwe ODI Multan 27-Jan-08
7 wickets Zimbabwe ODI Faisalabad 30-Jan-08
7 wickets Zimbabwe ODI Sheikhupura 02-Feb-08
152 runs Bangladesh ODI Lahore 08-Apr-08
7 wickets Bangladesh ODI Faisalabad 11-Apr-08
23 runs Bangladesh ODI Lahore 13-Apr-08
7 wickets Bangladesh ODI Multan 16-Apr-08
150 runs Bangladesh ODI Karachi 19-Apr-08
102 runs Bangladesh T20I Karachi 20-Apr-08
155 runs Hong Kong ODI Karachi 24-Jun-08
Australia (12) 35 runs West Indies Test WACA 16-Dec-09
170 runs Pakistan Test MCG 26-Dec-09
36 runs Pakistan Test SCG 03-Jan-10
231 runs Pakistan Test Bellerive Oval 14-Jan-10
5 wickets Pakistan ODI The Gabba 22-Jan-10
140 runs Pakistan ODI SCG 24-Jan-10
40 runs Pakistan ODI Adelaide Oval 26-Jan-10
135 runs Pakistan ODI WACA 29-Jan-10
2 wickets Pakistan ODI WACA 31-Jan-10
2 runs Pakistan T20I MCG 05-Feb-10
113 runs West Indies ODI MCG 07-Feb-10
8 wickets West Indies ODI Adelaide Oval 09-Feb-10
Bangladesh (12*) 3 wickets Zimbabwe Test Mirpur 25-Oct-14
162 runs Zimbabwe Test Khulna 03-Nov-14
186 runs Zimbabwe Test Chittagong 12-Nov-14
87 runs Zimbabwe ODI Chittagong 21-Nov-14
68 runs Zimbabwe ODI Chittagong 23-Nov-14
21 runs Zimbabwe ODI Mirpur 28-Nov-14
5 wickets Zimbabwe ODI Mirpur 01-Dec-14
79 runs Pakistan ODI Mirpur 17-Apr-15
7 wickets Pakistan ODI Mirpur 19-Apr-15
8 wickets Pakistan ODI Mirpur 22-Apr-15
7 wickets Pakistan T20I Mirpur 24-Apr-15

Australia has three separate sequences of 15 matches, 14 matches, 13 matches and 12 matches all between 2000 and 2010, which proves their undisputed greatness over the past decade.