N Srinivasan (left) and Arun Jaitley © Getty Images
N Srinivasan (left) and Arun Jaitley © Getty Images


By Flying Freak


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


In what can be termed as a bizarre but sensible demand according from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Indian cricket’s apex body has demanded a 50 per cent share in the budget allotted for India’s economy in the financial year 2014-15. The estimated expenditure for the upcoming financial year is set around INR 6,55,322 crore of which the board wishes to have INR 3,27,161 crore for serving the nation. While the entire nation is demanding an answer from BCCI for such a demand, former BCCI President, most influential member and ICC Chairman N Srinivasan has justified the demand.


“One who is contributing more should get more than what they get. Many of the influential, powerful and greatest politicians in India have been given nurtured by the BCCI. Look at any critical post in India and look where they found the foothold from. Who’s the Prime Minister of India? He was only a Chief Minister of a small state. His fortunes have changed since he became Gujarat Cricket Association President and today he is running the country,” said once upon a time BCCI President and present ICC chairman His Holiness Shri Shri N Srinivasan.


According to sources it was one point raised by Srinivasan which forced the Prime Minister to consider BCCI’s proposal seriously. Apparently Srinivasan said that the Finance Minister of the country himself took 13 years in Delhi Cricket before making it to the big stage. If the board has done so much more the country, they deserve lion’s share of the expenditure.


Apparently, it was precisely to pressure BCCI’s demands that Srinivasan met the Finance Minister on July 6 where ‘Nothing specific was discussed’ according to Srinivasan.


Backing the decision to seek higher share from the budget, reputed cricket commentator Mr. PV Shastri said, “This is a terrific move by the board. It was the injection the game needed to evolve.”


However, the Finance Minister is still in dilemma whether to cave in to the demands. But like all of BCCI’s wishes which get fulfilled, the Indian government too looks set to give in.


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