Bookie admits placing bets on Ravi Shastri’s commentary

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


A bookie named Chintu has reportedly come out of his closet and confessed to the police that he had placed bets on Ravi Shastri’s commentary during the 2013 Indian Premier League (IPL). This confession comes at the back of Supreme Court’s decision to make a part of the investigation report by the Mudgal panel public. Surprisingly, there is no mention of any bookie in the first part of the report that came out last afternoon.


The police have recorded Chintu’s confession and have promised to act on it. Sources close to the investigation team revealed some of the statements made by the bookie. “I tried placing bets on certain Shastri cliches during the IPL but i ended up losing a lot of money. But the biggest loss was during the final of the IPL 2013 when Chennai were in a tight spot and I placed a bet on Shastri saying, “There is no room for error”, “Something’s gotta give“. Little did I know that there was indeed room for error,” the bookie is reported to have confessed.


Shastri in fact resorted to a separate set of cliches which caught the bookie off-guard. However, what gives this case a new twist is that, the bookie has made a claim of deposing before the Mudgal panel two months back. When contacted for a comment, Chintu said, “This guilt was killing me from within. Even my fellow bookies deserted me when they got to know I placed bets on Shastri cliches.


“Hence I appeared before the Mudgal panel to reveal this. Instead the panel was so embarrassed with this piece of information that they kicked me out of the room and didn’t even take note of my confession,” said a dejected Chintu.


When asked about how he planned to repay the huge losses, the bookie with a relaxed tone said, “I have already recovered 70 per cent of the money. I had placed bets on Rameez Raja’s commentary. No one was willing to accept a bet apart from a certain friend named Pidhoo Dara Singh.”


Last heard, the bookie was trying to recover his money by placing bets on Navjot Singh Sidhu’s commentary.


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