The game of Twenty20 (T20) demands constant improvisation and over the years we have seen batting evolve in the most unusual manner. From scoops to 360 degree hitting around the park, we are witnessing it all but all this wasn’t very popular a decade back when the format of Twenty20 (T20) had just made its way.

In a match in 2005, Brad Haddin then playing for Australia A took improvisation to the next level. It was a T20 game being played in Adelaide between Pakistan and Australia A, during the former’s Down Under tour in 2005. Haddin did something extremely unpredictable to bewilder speedster Shoaib Akhtar. Akhtar bowled a no ball in what was the very first ball of the innings and Haddin ran two. Confronting the free-hit delivery, Haddin went behind the stumps while batting to smash it over mid-wicket. It was truly a unique stroke and took everyone by surprise. The batsmen ran two and to add to Akhtar’s woes, this delivery too turned out to be a no-ball as a result of which he was compelled to bowl one more free hit delivery. Haddin once again went behind the stumps trying to replicate the same stroke but Akhtar had bowled a yorker getting him clean bowled. A bowled off a free-hit wouldn’t count and a comedy of errors ensued as the batsmen ran a bye off it.

Though it did not count, it was a still a good sight for the bowler to send the batsman off the pitch and cleaning him up. However later in the same over, Akhtar had the last laugh when he got Haddin clean bowled again this time from a legal delivery to send the wicketkeeper batsman back to the pavilion.