Breaking News: BJP, RSS take credit for Team India’s series win in Sri Lanka
PM Narendra Modi (left) and Virat Kohli with Trophy (right)

Achchhe din aane wale hain” — a phrase that translates to “good days are coming” — was the slogan BJP had used during the 2014 general elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since coming to power has been on a wishing spree to the Indian team as well. Now with India having won an overseas series for the first time in more than four years, the ruling party has said that it’s them who deserve a large share of credit.


The writer spoke to a BJP official, Kundan Prasad Shastri (of no known relation with Ravi Shastri), who said, that India’s improved foreign performances are a result of PM Modi frequent foreign trips.


“Our achchhe din transcends beyond regular political affairs and now we are seeing achchhe Din in cricket too. Modi-ji was in Sri Lanka in March and now we see how that impacted in Team India’s show,” said Shastri.


A member from opposition, who wasn’t far from the conversation butted in and argued, “It was under the UPA rule that India rocketed to the number one spot in ICC Test ranking and also won the World Cup.”


What followed was a chaos and exchange of shoe hurling, and the writer managed to escape the spot only to crash into an RSS worker who reminded him to mention in the copy how Hindutva played a role in Virat Kohli’s India’s win in Sri Lanka. He also declared a special honour for the Indian Test captain.


“This is reminiscent of Ramayana, an integral part of our heritage, culture and history. Jai Shree Ram. This Dussera we will invite Kohli to shoot the arrow to burn the evil Ravana. He did a Shree Ram and achieved the same feat as The Lord did in Lanka,” said the RSS worker.


The writer saw former Indian cricketer Yograj Singh at a distance but could not muster the courage to face him and ask who his choice for Ravana was. Amen!


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

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