Chris Gayle's batting forces RCB cheerleaders to demand higher pay!

Chris Gayle’s batting – IPL cheerleaders prime reason for demanding a hike © PTI

By Indiapsycho
Please note this is a humour article – work of pure fiction 

As if pressure from Kingfisher employees to release their pending salaries was not enough, Vijay Mallya  received another jolt when Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) cheerleaders threatened to go on an indefinite strike if their demand of increased pay when Chris Gayle is batting is not met. The cheerleaders have cited extreme work pressure and danger to their lives when Gayle is batting as the prime reason for demanding a hike.

“For the viewers it is a treat, but for us it is the most stressful period when he is batting. We have to be literally on our toes for the entire duration Gayle is on crease. Leave alone sitting, we can’t even go to washroom when he is batting. In fact, we recently entered Guinness Book of World Records for dancing continuously for one hour because the “beast” was just not in a mood to get out. In addition to this, we have to constantly watch out for the balls he so savagely hits. We have started fearing for our lives after few of us had to be hospitalised after being hit by one such shot,” said an exhausted cheerleader.
Avinash Vaidya, team manager of RCB, has termed these demands ridiculous. “This is an absolutely atrocious demand. Agreed they have to do their extra bit of work when Chris is batting, but they also enjoy more than their share of rest and free time when Dilshan [Tillakaratne] and Saurabh [Tiwary] are on the crease. So it obviously gets balanced out. If they persist with demands, we will have to ask them to return the salaries they get when the rest of RCB is batting.”
Sidhartha Mallya, Director RCB, chose not to respond to these demands on air but vented out his feelings on his favorite social networking site Twitter. “I have been getting threats from cheerleaders. Not too sure who they are, dancer of some sorts? But it seems something has upset them,” Sidhartha Mallya tweeted before tweeting, “There are always two sides to a story. Pipe down love.”
Realising the gravity of the situation, even Bangalore Police has made it mandatory for everyone inside Chinnaswamy Stadium (except Gayle) to wear helmets, or else be ready to be heavily penalised.

Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya has asked Virat Kohli if he can sweetalk the cheerleaders into taking back their demands by using his Celkon Mobile.
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