Cricketer with a secular name!

“What’s in a name?” exclaimed William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. However, in the cricketing world we have come across a few names of cricketers that have baffled our imagination and made us wonder, “Is this really a name?”

We at CricketCountry have recently started a new show on our YouTube channel which focuses on some of the most bizarre names in cricket. In the first episode we featured a cricketer from Fiji, whose name is Ilikena Lasarusa Talebulamainavaleniveivakabulaimainakulalakebalau. Then we also had Amunugama Rajapakse Rajakaruna Abeykoon Panditha Wasalamudiyanse Ralahamilage Rajitha Krishantha Bandara Amunugama. Luckily, for commentators and scorers alike, they were also known as IL Bula and Rajitha Amunugama respectively.

In our latest segment, we have something completely different. We focus on a cricketer whose name transcends religious boundaries and has a very secular tone to it. Who is he? Check out our video to find out.