Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

Childhood days are special. They remain so even after one gets old. Going through pictures of childhood days has more than nostalgic value; it often brings smiles on faces looking at those photos. As, we hope, the pictures below will on your face!

Baby days memories of present day cricketers and a few of the recent past:


Earliest available picture of Shikhar Dhawan!



The first-ever picture of Chris Gayle finding himself the centre of attention for his dancing!



The first-ever book read by Rahul Dravid!


Earliest available photo of Ishant Sharma!


The first time S Sreesanth was clicked with a towel!


The first time Sachin Tendulkar appeared on the cover of Time magazine!


Virat Kohli giving his school headmaster a piece of his mind!


(H Natarajan is a journalistic schizophrenic who oscillates between two polar opposite forms of writing — analytical and insightful on the one hand, and rib-tickling humour on the other)