Indian cricket’s ‘rockstar’ Ravindra Jadeja recently got married to a Rajkot-girl Reeva Solanki. Though the cricketer took some time off from his action-packed busy schedule with the Gujarat Lions (GL) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the days leading to his high-profile wedding were nothing short of eventful.

From receiving an INR 1-crore Audi car from his in-laws to flaunting his sword-wielding skills to celebratory gunshots during the wedding procession, Jadeja’s grand wedding was truly worthy of his ‘rockstar-status’. Talking about status, ‘Jaddu’ finally got some time to update his Facebook status and once he did it, his Team India colleagues came up with their reactions. Check out how the conversation went:


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

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