Following loss in Bihar, Advani to form BJP All-Stars on the lines of Tendulkar’s Cricket All Stars

On his 88th birthday, senior BJP leader L K Advani is mulling the concept of the BJP All Stars, a crack team comprising veteran politicians and legends of their time, including members of the Margdarshak Mandal, that will once again become active in the political theater and take corrective measures following BJP’s mauling in Bihar.

“Last night, when I was watching Sachin, Warne, Wasim and some 50+ players taking to the field once more and being cheered heartily by the NRI crowd, it occurred to me that they might be interested in seeing me back in action as well. My good friend Shahid Afridi who was online also backed me saying he and I are two of a kind – ageless wonders. I immediately sounded out Thiru Karunanidhi and he was like ‘when can we start, paa?’” an excited Advani said. The first match of the All Stars will be staged in New York between Advani’s AtomBombs and Karunanidhi’s KillThambis, a no holds barred debate on the idea of India.

The unused crackers and ladoos lying the BJP office in Patna will be used to inaugurate the new league. “Someone from our office had ordered them after Today’s Chanakya had predicted a landslide for us. Gadkari had gobbled up quite a few of them after NDTV had called it in our favour but many ladoos are still left over. Now we will utilize them for the inauguration of our new league,” an upbeat Advani said.

On being asked about Amit Shah’s comments that Pakistan will celebrate Diwali if BJP loses in Bihar, Advani said, “Look, it was an indirect hint that I will take charge if BJP loses and Pakistan, which was founded by a secular person, will then become secular by bursting crackers on the eve of Diwali.”

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

(Reported by Citizen Satirist Vinita KrishnamurthyThe above article was Originally published in UnRealtimes)