Funny: Watch fellow spectators playing prank with a sleeping spectator during England-Pakistan Old Trafford Test

Watching a Test match live at the stadium is every cricket fans dream. Some get to live the dream while for a majority of others, it remains unfulfilled. Out of those who get to catch live action from the ground, some make most of it by enjoying not just the match but also overall. A small percentage of those miss out on that fun, like the gentleman in the following video. ALSO READ: 8 iconic Test moments at Old Trafford.

During the second Test between England and Pakistan at Old Trafford which recently concluded in an English win, so bored was an old spectator that he preferred to sleep rather than catch the live action. His fellow spectators, who were sitting all around him, decided to have some fun. A group of young spectators started placing stuffs like empty beer glass, boundary banner and a Santa hat on the man s head and played the balancing game.

The act went on for some time and the funniest part about the entire episode was that the man on whom the prank was played did not wake up all this while. The commentators too got into the act and had a gala time describing the incident which garnered much broadcast space. Hope you also had a nice time watching it!