ICC World T20 2012: Luck of the Irish could prevail over the West Indies

Ireland skipper William Porterfield (left) and West Indies captain Darren Sammy (right) © Getty Images

Shruti Chopra dwells into her tarot cards to see what lies ahead in the Ireland vs West Indies ICC T20 World Cup game on Monday.





The Hermit, along with the Five of Wands, represents wise aggression and sensible match planning, which will see Ireland put up a good fight against the West Indies. Although they will be slow to react to opportunities, they will have the right combination of players fulfilling their responsibilities. The Nine of Pentacles does warn of unnecessary runs being given away through lapses in fielding. Overall, Ireland will put up a tough performance and will heed sensible advice, as explained by the Hierophant.


The Emperor and the Fool are an odd combination, but they explain the captaincy of William Porterfield, which will show moments of command, yet at other times, he will be uncertain and look to take his chances. His batting will be similar. Despite the aggressive support of the Chariot, he will have to pull himself together very quickly since he will find it tough to hold on and bat well.

Key players


Kevin O’Brien will be aggressive and attacking, but the Two of Swords warns of problems through batting without a plan.


Niall O’Brien, like the Lovers and Six of Wands, will put together a promising partnership and smartly attack the opposition.


Ed Joyce will have an uncomfortable start, but with the Seven of Pentaclesappearing, he will be able to gather himself and score with more ease.


Gary Wilson can trouble the opposition. Like the Moon and Four of Wands, he will be able to play a smart innings.


Alex Cusack will occasionally seem off balance, but he will come together to end the day well.

West Indies


There is pressure and an air of disappointment around the West Indies. The Seven of Cups shows a confused side, but also a side that can get disillusioned by believing the opposition is weak. They will need to stick to their match plans and remove the anxiousness explained by the Nine of Wands. The Four of Cups and theFool explain a soft approach in fielding. They will therefore need to be more aggressive to get on top of an eager Irish side.


Darren Sammy looks out of sync as a captain. Like the Two of Pentacles & Swords, he will constantly be trying to balance things to make them work. He will need to be far more pro-active to see a more successful outcome. As a batsman, he will look uncomfortable and will struggle to bat well.


Key players


Chris Gayle will be like the Emperor – wise and strong. He will enjoy the challenge but will need to be a bit more patient.


Dwayne Bravo will have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. Like the Lovers and Four ofPentacles, he will be able to form good batting partnerships and be economical with the ball.


Sunil Narine like the Magician will be deceptive and clever. He may not be as economical, but certainly effective is slowing the opposition.


Kieron Pollard will be overly aggressive with the bat, instead he will need to slow down to be more effective. He will have a better day with the ball.


Fidel Edwards will be deceptive, but not effective. Like the Seven of Swords, he will have too many ideas and will appear to be all over the place.


Who will win?



Shruti Chopra was introduced to cricket by her two older brothers. She spent some of her childhood time in Delhi and became an Indian cricket fan. She has remained an unflinching and passionate Indian cricket fan even after moving back to London, setting 3.00 am alarms to watch India play Test matches. It was during the 2011 World Cup that she brought together her passion for cricket with her profession of Tarot Reading, looking at the cards in the hope of spotting an India win coming through – which it did! You can know more about Shruti via FacebookTwitter and her website) 


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