Umesh Yadav (L) and Varun Aaron © AFP
Umesh Yadav (L) and Varun Aaron © AFP


By Golandaaz


India‘s World Cup win and easy Test matches against the West Indies, have helped mask their Test match vulnerability against quality opposition on challenging pitches. The popular sentiment has been that England was a one-off debacle, where they were unlucky with injuries.


The real Test will come in Australia.


The Numbers


Over the most recent 24 month period, India and Australia have had remarkably similar numbers. However, India has won the perception game with everyone. The general feeling is that Australia is a weakened side in trouble while largely everything is okay with India. India has walked away relatively scot free in delivering the same numbers with a far more experienced side.


Leaving head-to-head contests aside, both have not lost a series to anyone other than England. It is due to India’s dominance over Australia in the head-to-head contests that allow it to enjoy a slight edge in the overall numbers.


The context – A loss should end careers, but it won’t


Both India and Australia have been reluctant to make decisive changes in favor of youth. Admittedly in Australia’s case such a stance would have been far more easy and justifiable. It is, however, India’s seniors who need to win this series more than Australia’s because the quality of talent on the Indian bench is far greater than Australia’s. It may sound crazy but it is the side that loses the series, which will emerge stronger, sooner.


Although it is not entirely impossible, it would be ridiculous if Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman do not announce their retirements if India lose this series.


History — It’s never been done before


India’s best chance of winning a series in Australia was in 1986. Perhaps the most balanced Indian side to ever tour Australia. That team came within a whisker of taking the series 2-0, but rain at Sydney and a reluctance to trust the Melbourne weather man cost us wins in both Tests.


The 1977-78 series was the most entertaining. Played against the backdrop of the threat from Kerry Packer a second-string Australian side beat India 3-2.


If anything can be learnt from India’s bold 1-1 performance in 1981, it is that in and against Australia, attacking batting goes a long way. I will always remember the series for Sandeep Patil’s brilliant counterattack after he was felled by a Len Pascoe bouncer and taken to the hospital.


The 2003-04 series showcased India’s batting might but a lack of a consistent bowler (that rules out Ajit Agarkar) to support Anil Kumble meant that India’s batsmen were asked to win the series all by themselves. They almost did, but Steve Waugh’s batting saved the day for Australia.


The 2007-08 series was fraught with tensions and the tomfoolery of Ricky Ponting and Harbhajan Singh. Outside of Perth though India’s only solace was the proud manner in which Anil Kumble led them. While Dravid is a good choice to deliver the The Sir Don Bradman speech, I suspect Kumble has a better sense of occasion and history to choose his words that convey his wisdom and ultimately a personalized message; but I digress.


If India wins…


The heroes will have to be Virender Sehwag, Varun Aaron, Umesh Yadav, Virat Kohli and somehow Rohit Sharma.


If India loses…


Ricky Ponting’s career will be resurrected. Pat Cummins will be the new Brett Lee; if not the new Glenn McGrath. Sehwag will advice David Warner to take up golf.


The Prediction


I am doing a Jaywant Lele here. I say 0-2 with India managing draws at Sydney and Adelaide and comfortably humiliating losses at Melbourne and Perth, where they will be felled by Cummins. And yes, Zaheer Khan will last an entire Test Match. This is my stretch prediction.


The Justification – Yes I am still not over the England 4, India 0 scoreline


Not all wins are equal. Neither are losses. Some loses reveal a lot more than we are willing to read into. India’s four Test match losses in England were not just shocking and humiliating but it also served an indicator of many collective missteps that no one is willing to talk about. Also a win-loss transaction is not a zero sum game. What England gained from the four wins, India lost far more than that. England simply confirmed their standing, India brushed the loss aside as “bad luck” and swept their real problems under the carpet. India are no longer as good as they were a year back and it will show in Australia.


(Golandaaz is a blogger @Opinions on Cricket and likes to see the humorous side of the game, like the spoof above. He often sketches cricketers in black and white. You can follow Golandaaz his blog on twitter @oponcr and facebookOpinions on Cricket)