We know that Sushant Singh Rajput is playing MS Dhoni and Emraan Hashmi is playing Mohammad Azharuddin in their respective biopics. Which got us to think of other such combinations. Here’s a list!

Rahul Dravid – Kamal Hassan

Rahul Dravid was willing to play any role in the team that was asked of him. Kamal Hassan is willing to play all the roles in a movie.

dravid and hassan

Sir Jadeja – Superstar Rajinikanth

We are not quite sure who’s doing whom an honour here (we are probably blaspheming here, but again, not sure who). Will Sir Ravindra Jadeja feel proud that Rajini saar is playing him? Or will Rajini saar feel privileged for the opportunity to play Sir Jadeja?

jaddu and rajni

Shikhar Dhawan – Varun Dhawan

No brainer. When life gives you Dhawan, make it Shikhar or Varun, or both, as in this biopic.

dhawan and varun

Rohan Gavaskar – Abhishek Bachchan

Both sons of yesteryear legends. Both currently jobless. The question you should be asking is, why the hell would anyone make a biopic on Rohan Gavaskar?

rohan bachchan

Stuart Binny – Tusshar Kapoor

Ditto. Not sure who we should apologize to…

binny tushar

Virat Kohli – Roadies Raghuram

Roadies Raghuram will be able to bring out the, er, depth of Virat Kohli’s character with his free-flowing, um, dialogues. By the way, Jackie Shroff just missed out on this.

virat raghu


Rohit Sharma – Vivek Oberoi

For all his talent, Vivek Oberoi hardly seems to make a mark on the Bollywood scene these days. Reminds us of someone else, doesn’t it?

rohit vivek

Ashok Dinda – Tiger Shroff

There isn’t anybody else we know of who can do those superhuman stunts. We’re talking about Ashok Dinda. Tiger Shroff, with some help from VFX, can probably pass off as a decent imitation.

dinda tiger

Yuvraj Singh – Yograj Singh

We initially had someone else in mind for the swashbuckling southpaw, but Captain Dhoni wrote to us requesting us to reconsider, lest Yograj Singh go on yet another rant against him. Sorry Yuvi, but when there’s an actor in the family, how can we look elsewhere?

yograj yuvraj



MS Dhoni – John Abraham

We know Sushant Singh Rajput is playing MSD, but with his amazing tendency to treat happy scenes and sad scenes with the same wooden expression, wouldn’t John Abraham be a better choice to play Captain Cool?

dhoni john



If you think of other such associations, please feel free to express yourself in the comments forum!

(With inputs from Ashwin Kumar)

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

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