R Vinay Kumar (left) and Varun Aaron © AFP
R Vinay Kumar (left) and Varun Aaron © AFP


By Shiamak Unwalla


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


Making yet another successful comeback to the Indian national side, R Vinay Kumar ecstatically announced his ecstasy on Facebook. Unfortunately for him, his celebrations were cut short by a number of international superstars — past and present — who wanted to make their opinions known.


It is in times like this that the Indian team truly shows its class, by supporting each other and having an all-out good time. Of course, nothing is ever achieved without a little trolling, which duly took place at the cost of a couple of the players.


In the end, Vinay’s fellow fast bowlers — and finger-spinner Ishant Sharma — all had a good laugh. Catch all the action here on our fake Facebook post.




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(Shiamak Unwalla is a reporter with Cricket Country. He is a self-confessed Sci-Fi geek and Cricket fanatic who likes to pass his free time by reading books, watching TV shows, and eating food. Sometimes all at the same time. You can follow him on twitter at @ShiamakUnwalla)