Indian team for series against Pakistan to be selected in Bigg Boss style!

Which players will the fans get to see in the India-Pakistan series after the Bigg Boss-style elimination? © Getty Images (Representation Pic)

Please note: This is a humorous piece – pure fiction.
With too many controversies about the Indian team selection and relationships between senior players doing the rounds, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to make the whole process transparent. The board has announced that the team for the series against Pakistan will be chosen through a Bigg Boss like television reality show.

The show won’t run into several weeks as we don’t have that much of time on our hands,” Board President N Srinivasan said, “It will start as soon as the Nagpur Test ends, which could end earlier than expected given the way Indian team is playing, and will be on air for three days.”

Board sources say that all the current members of the team playing against England in the Nagpur Test will be a part of the show plus there will be other probables for the Pakistan series.

All the current players and the probable will be locked in the dressing room, which will have video cameras and microphones installed, and the proceedings will be telecast live for the Indian cricket fans,” a Board official explained.
The format of the show has been kept similar to the one followed in the reality show Bigg Boss, with evictions scheduled every sixth hour.

Board sources claim that the idea of having a reality show was to let the cricket fans of India see and decide for themselves if there were any interpersonal problems between senior players of the cricket team, as was being reported in the media.

There have been news reports of Mahendra Singh Dhoni being upset with Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag,” a Board official pointed out, “People would see for themselves if Dhoni suggests eviction of Gambhir or Sehwag or if there are any public fights between them.”

Since there will be public voting too, the decision on Sachin Tendulkar’s eviction will also be taken,” the official added, “If the popular vote is in favor of Tendulkar being retained for the Pakistan series, critics shouldn’t be blaming the selectors or the BCCI.”

Sources say that the Board is playing safe by having this show and is hopeful that everything could be blamed on the players and the fans, while they would get to earn revenues from selling sponsorship spots for the TV show.

Sources further inform that instead of Salman Khan, who hosts the reality show Bigg Boss, BCCI is in talks with Aamir Khan for hosting this special TV show.

Aamir makes it real on TV, as he did it for his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, and he is also known to be a passionate cricketer from the days of ‘Lagaan’,” N Srinivasan argued.

Srinivasan refused to comment when Faking News reporter asked if this could upset Shah Rukh Khan, who is also an IPL team owner. However, sources say that the Srinivasan immediately called up a meeting to discuss the situation as the board was not in favor of taking a decision that could have adverse effect on the IPL.

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