Indian T20 League, Chennai vs Rajasthan latest updates: Bravo hands Chennai hat-trick of wins in last-over thriller

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So Chennai make it three out of three, while Rajasthan continue to search for their first win of the season. Chennai started off with a hiccup, getting reduced to 27 for 3 before two of their benchmark players, who have been with the team since the very beginning – MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina, brought them back with a admirable fifty-plus stand. Dhoni added a further 56 runs with Dwayne Bravo before switching gears in the end. From 99 for 5, Chennai finished on a strong 175 for 6.

The chase was always going to be stiff for Rajasthan, and even more so after being reduced to 14 for 3. Rahul Tripathi and Steve Smith raised hopes with a 61-run stand before Tahir removed both batsmen in quick succession. With Rajasthan struggling, in walked Ben Stokes and injected life in their chase scoring 46 off 26, But failed to get Rajasthan over the line. Bravo defended 12 off the final over and Chennai rocketed to the top of the points table.

Chennai have done it. Dwayne Bravo defends 12 off the final over to win the match for his team by 8 runs and keep Rajasthan winless. He got Ben Stokes off the first ball after which Jofra Archer and Shreyas Gopal failed to get Rajasthan over the line. In the end, Chennai take the match and the top spot in the points table with a hat-trick of wins. Bravo, you beauty! How many times has he done it? Countless.

End of Over 19: After a quiet first three balls, Smokes belts a one-handed SIX off Thakur to add further drama. Rajasthan have risen out of nowhere. Archer has raced to 22 off nine, while Stokes is 46 off 25. Rajasthan 164 for 6. 12 needed off the last over.

End of Over 18: Whoa! Hang on. This one ain’t over yet. Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer have kept this game alive. Starts the over with a SIX and a FOUR, and Archer joins the party with another MAXIMUM down the ground. 19 come off that over as Rajasthan need another 25 off 12 balls.

End of Over 17: Well, Rajasthan still alive in this. Jofra Archer smacks Shardul Thakur for a FOUR and a SIX to collect 12 off that over. Rajasthan 132 for 6 and need 44 in the final three overs.

End of Over 16: Nine runs off the over, still not enough for Rajasthan. Krishnappa Gowtham began the over with a SIX but it’s been singles and dot after that. This is where Chennai took off. Can Rajasthan do it too? They are 120 for 5, needing another 56 off 24 balls.

End of Over 15: A much-needed over for Rajasthan as 14 come off it. Ben Stokes decides to take Ravindra Jadeja on and smokes him for a SIX over midwicket. Add to that a three doubles and it was a crucial over for Rajasthan, who reach 111 for 5. They need 65 off 30 balls.

End of Over 14: WICKET! First Tripathi and now Smith, Imran Tahir is on a roll. He gets his second wicket as Smith holes out at long off. Dances down the track to a full toss but doesn’t middle it cleanly. Dhruv Shorey, the substitute fielder takes the catch. Rajasthan 97 for 5.

End of Over 13: Another tight over from Bravo. A couple of wides down leg but otherwise the West Indies allrounder has been spot on. Smith swings a misses a couple of times in that over. He has Stokes for company. Earlier today, an Australian and an Englishman batted wonderfully together. Will there be another one tonight?

End of Over 12: Rajasthan 87 for 4. Another miserly over from Tahir, seven off it. This is not helping Rajasthan. Either Smith of Ben Stokes need to go after the bowling. The required rate has jumped over 11. Sure, Rajasthan are ahead of Chennai but let’s not forget the acceleration in the last five over. That however doesn’t happen twice in one match.

End of Over 11: Good stuff from Dwayne Bravo. Pressue building for Rajasthan as the required-rate jumps to over 10 an over. Ben Stokes is the new batsman and it’s time for Steve Smith to give his side a move on. Rajasthan 79 for 4.

End of Over 10: WICKET! Imran Tahir strikes in his very first over. Rahul Tripathi offers a simple caught and bowled and Rajasthan lose their fourth wicket for 75 at the half-way mark. Dhoni playing his cards well. Just when the runs were beginning to slow, Chennai bring in Tahir. And the legspinner gives a wake-up call to Steve Smith first up as the ball missed the off stump and nearly has Smith out stumped.

End of Over 9: Rahul Tripathi is on a roll. Plays the inside out shot to Mitchell Santner and gets his fifth boundary. Rajasthan were wasting him at No. 7 before this game and he’s making it count tonight at No. 4. Tripathi’s flurry of boundaries has allowed Smith to bide his time. Rajasthan 72 for 3. At the same stage, Chennai were 48 for 3. Interesting!

End of Over 8: Another fine over for the Royals as they collect nine off it. Tripathi takes Jadeja for a boundary off his second ball, followed by two singles and a double. Nice and easy from Tripathi and Smith at the moment. Rajasthan 63 for 3, need another 113 off 72 balls.

End of Over 7: Fifty up for Rajasthan. A nice little partnership is starting to grow between Smith and Tripathi. A boundary to finish off that over. Can he make the most of his promotion tonight? Rajasthan 54 for 3.

End of Over 6: Terrible start from Mitchell Santner, gives away 17 runs. Starts off with a full toss dealt with a boundary by Rahul Tripathi. Two balls later, Santner sends in another full toss, this time above waist high, resulting in a no-ball. A SIX down the ground followed by Tripathi. Rajasthan 45 for 3.

End of Over 5: Nice and tight from Deepak Chahar, who has bowled three overs and given away just 10 runs. No wonder Chennai make him bowl his quota of four overs at the top. Smith and Rahul Tripathi kept to singles. Rajasthan 28 for 3.

End of Over 4: Two wickets in Two balls for Chennai. Jos Buttler perishes for 6. He tried to clear the man at long off but the ball wasn’t as nicely timed as Buttler would have hoped. Bravo takes the catch comfortably, giving Thakur his first wicket. Steve Smith meanwhile is off the mark with consecutive boundaries off the first two deliveries. Rajasthan rocked early at 24 for 3.

End of Over 3: Rajasthan 14 for 2. There she goes. wicket down for Rajasthan as Samson, the man in form departs. Lose stroke outside off stump and Raina takes a sharp catch at extra cover diving forward. Samson started the over by timing the ball exquisitely to collect his first boundary. Wide from Chahar and Samson creams it through the offside as the ball races away. What immaculate timing. Meanwhile, in the commentary box, Michael Clarke compared Samson to Mark Waugh. Yes! MARK WAUGH. Let that sink in.

End of Over 2: Jos Buttler is up and running, scores a boundary to get Rajasthan off the mark. So is Sanju Samson, who goes past 2000 runs in the Indian T20 League. Rajasthan 8 for 1.

End of Over 1: Oh what a start for Chennai. A wicket off the very first over as Deepak Chahar sends back Rajasthan captain Ajinkya Rahane for a DUCK. Ravindra Jadeja takes a stunning catch at backward point. What more, it’s a wicket maiden. Rajasthan 0/1.

Well, towards the end, it was vintage MS Dhoni at Chepauk. He rolled back the years with that final flourish where he struck three consecutive SIXES off Unadkat off the final over. Dhoni 2.0? We aren’t even done with 1.0 yet. From 99 for 4 in 15 overs, Chennai end up scoring 76 runs in the final five overs. Terrific! Also the way Dhoni and Raina pulled Chennai out of the depths from 27 for 3 was equally impressive. Can Rajasthan chase it down? Join us shortly for the second innings.

End of Over 20: The first innings comes to a close and Chennai finish on an impressive 175 for 5. Phenomenal stuff from the skipper MS Dhoni who smoked a hat-trick of sixes in that over to finish unbeaten on 75 off 46. Even Ravindra Jadeja joined the party with a SIX off his second ball. Unadkat conceded 28 off the final over, which included 24 runs in just SIXES.

End of Over 19: 21st fifty for MS Dhoni. He’s staged a tremendous turnaround for Chennai. The fifty-run partnership was up between him and Bravo off 27 balls before the West Indies allrounder departed two balls later. Archer with his second wicket. Chennai 147 for 5. One over left. Will Chennai get to 160?

End of Over 18: 24 off that over. Chennai 138 for 4. That’s the over Chennai were looking for. The dew is making it difficult for the pacers to grip the ball and Dhawal Kulkarni is the latest example. He gives away a full toss which was given wide and follows it with another waist-high full toss resulting in a free hit. Chennai captain Dhoni obliges and clears the boundary at sweeper cover. The hit was so brutal that the ball had to be changed and Bravo welcomes the new ball with a boundary towards third man, followed by a SIX towards deep-extra cover.

End of Over 17: The amount of dew at the Chepauk is enormous. Seven come off Jofra Archer’s third over as Chennai move to 115 for 4 with three overs left. Anything around 140 should turn out to be a match-winning total. Bravo batting on 16 and Dhoni on 38. Will there be a final flourish?

End of Over 16: The 100 comes up for Chennai, who are 108 for 4. Dhoni lightening quick between the wickets. With boundaries not to easy to come by, Dhoni is ensuring the running is top notch. Four overs left and Dhoni and Bravo would look to finish with a flourish. The fast bowlers are doing a wonderful job by taking the pace of the ball and making it slightly tough for Dhoni and Bravo to get under it.

End of Over 15: Dwayne Bravo gets into the action. A couple of boundaries to him off Ben Stokes takes Chennai to 99 for 4. Both boundaries on the off side. The first one over extra cover and the next boundary was a slash over point.

End of Over 14: BOWLED HIM! Jaydev Unadkat cleans up Suresh Raina for 36 as Chennai lose their fourth wicket for 88. Goes inside out but doesn’t pick the slower delivery and plays all over that stroke. The look on Dhoni’s face at the non-striker’s end tells you the story. With that, we break for the strategic time-out.

End of Over 13: Tight over from Stokes to give away just five runs. Chennai 83 for 3. The tennis ball bounce seems to be foxing the batsmen. The surface still behaving oddly.

End of Over 12: First boundary for Dhoni, off his 17th ball in the innings. Short ball from Jaydev Unadkat and the Chennai captain swivels across just that little to get under the pull shot.The ball races away towards the boundary at deep square leg. Follows it with a double. Excellent running between the wickets. Raina caps off the over with a glance that fetches him another boundary. Chennai advance to 78 for 3 with that 12-run over. The FIFTY partnership also comes up with that boundary.

End of Over 11: BANG! Raina clears his front leg and deposits Gopal over cow corner. Chennai beginning to get a move on. Dhoni on the other hand is connecting well but unable to find the gaps. Another over in excess of ten runs takes Chennai to 66 for 3.

End of Over 10: Half way through the innings and Chennai have crossed 50 to reach 55 for 3. Raina goes inside out to Gowtham and collects his third boundary followed by a wide and three singles. 10 come off that over as Raina and Dhoni continue to forge a crucial partnership.

End of Over 9: Chennai 45 for 3. Finally, a boundary to provide some respite to Chennai as Raina guides Gopal wide of gully for his second four. Chennai going at five runs per over and there is plenty of turn on offer. The pitch is behaving a lot better than the tournament opener but it’s still a lot on the slower side. There is hardly any support for pacers and Rajasthan have sensed it.

End of Over 8: Chennai 38 for 3. It’s been three overs since the last boundary. Rajasthan introduce more spin as Krishnappa Gowtham begins with a four-run over. Dhoni and Raina key for Chennai as they look to take the bowlers on.

End of Over 7: The spinners are on. Shreyas Gopal bowls a tight seventh over to Dhoni. The Chennai captain ran a couple of doubles off the first two balls but was contained to just one more run from the over. Five come off it, Channai 34 for 3.

End of Over 6: Close call for MS Dhoni who is lucky to survive. Defending a short delivery from Archer, the ball rolls on to hit the stumps. But the bails do not come off which means Dhoni lives. Chennai 29 for 3 at the end of Powerplay.

End of Over 5: Make that TWO in TWO. Chennai in trouble at 27 for 3 as Kedar Jadhav nicks Dhawal Kulkarni to Jos Buttler. Full and wide and Jadhav slashes to edge the ball to the wicketkeeper. MS Dhoni out in the middle early. With him in Suresh Raina.

End of Over 4: Stokes strikes. And it’s Watson who has to depart. The former Australia allrounder started the over by smoking the England allrounder for a SIX into the stands over deep square leg. But three balls later, Stokes gets his man after Watson edges a short and wide delivery to Jofra Archer at short third man. New batsman Kedar Jadhav begins with consecutive overs. Three fours and a wicket in that over. Chennai 22 for 2.

End of Over 3: Watson reviews a poor call and survives. The ball drifted down Watson’s pads and following an appeal the umpire gave it out. A surprised Watson went upstairs and survived, and struck Chennai’s first boundary of the innings much to the jubilation of the crown. Chennai 8 for 1.

End of Over 2: A dream over from Jofra Archer, who delivers a wicket maiden. After five dot balls, Rayudu itching to try something different, edges a slower bouncer to Jos Buttler. Chennai 1 for 1

End of Over 1: Dhawal Kulkarni right on the money. Just one run given to Ambati Rayudu in that first over. Rayudu picked up a single to third man after which Kulkarni bowled four dot balls to Shane Watson. Chennai 1 without loss.

TOSS: Rajasthan have won the toss and have opted to bowl first vs Chennai.


Rajasthan XI: Ajinkya Rahane(c), Jos Buttler(w), Sanju Samson, Steven Smith, Ben Stokes, Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jofra Archer, Jaydev Unadkat, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni

Chennai XI: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Mitchell Santner, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

Hello and welcome to our match coverage of the Match 12 of the Indian T20 League between Chennai and Rajasthan at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai on Sunday.


It s still early days in the Indian T20 League but Rajasthan find themselves at the bottom of the pile with two consecutive defeats. Their next opponents, Chennai are contrastingly placed at the top of the points-table, having won both their games of the season so far. Besides the contrasting fortunes of these two teams, another important factor remains the pitch, which attracted controversy due to its slowness. (READ: Winless Bangalore set for daunting Hyderabad test)

Rajasthan, despite being unable to get off the mark in the standings, have witnessed some wonderful individual performances. Jos Buttler set the tone in their opening game with a sparkling half-century, while Sanju Samson lit up the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium with this year s maiden century, alongside Ajinkya Rahane. The contest has been billed as Chennai s bowlers against Rajasthan s batsmen. (READ: Samson ton in vain as Hyderabad win high-scoring contest)

Rajasthan boast a formidable batting line-up with the likes of Buttler, Rahane, Steve, Smith, Ben Stokes and Samson in their ranks. However, the batting hasn t lived-up to its reputation so far. Meanwhile, for Chennai, spinners Harbhajan Singh and Imran Tahir have been among the wickets, along with medium-pacer Deepak Chahar who struck early in both matches.

For Chennai, this would be a wonderful opportunity to test their batsmen. In the opening game, they chased down a target of 71 runs whereas their middle order was slightly tested against Delhi. At home, Chennai look better placed of the two sides to take the match, but a lot will depend on the pitch. In the first game of the season, the deck came under fire with both MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli not in favour of such playing conditions.